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Palplanşe şi piloni UltraComposit

CMI designed UltraComposite to be the steel alternative replacing steel sheets such as PZ27 and steel pipe piles. Heavyweight UltraComposite sheet piling, manufactured in our ISO certified production facility, presents a huge opportunity to make your project cost less, last long and create a lower environmental impact than steel.

The Solution to Steel’s Disadvantages

Let’s face it, steel is a primary culprit in rising project costs and negative environmental impact. In addition to high upfront material costs, steel is expensive to install and expensive to transport. Since it is also subject to corrosion and oxidation, steel requires costly ongoing maintenance from the moment of installation. Steel’s manufacturing process, heavy weight and related transportation logistics combined with the previously mentioned energy intensive maintenance requirements create a very large carbon footprint. These negative characteristics create a huge opportunity for UltraComposite to save money, reduce construction costs and help complete projects within budget. And, at the same time, UltraComposite will provide longer lifecycle, lower environmental impact projects.

Structural Composite Materials: Proven For 3 Decades

Composite materials have been used for decades in structural applications including bridges, oil rig production platforms, cooling tower structures, electrical power transmission poles and various military applications. Composite sheet piling and round piles offer many advantages over steel and have been successfully used over the past decade with thousands of commercial and private jobs being installed including many with the US Army Corps of Engineers, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the United States Navy and many other state and local municipalities.

The Big Change: Super Heavyweight UltraComposite

The biggest and most dramatic change is the recent development of super heavyweight UltraComposite sheet piling and round piles which can replace steel sheets such as PZ27 and steel pipe piles. For projects that have tight budgets, our higher performing, low maintenance and low environmental impact UltraComposite products are often the best choice. Project cost savings are due to low upfront material costs, no painting/coating requirements and lower transportation costs. Additionally, UltraComposite’s high strength to weight ratio offers easier installation and increased jobsite safety. CMI’s domestically produced UltraComposite sheets and piles typically can be delivered to job site with much shorter lead times than steel.